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My Freedom Manifesto

This summer I got a tattoo.

I had been reflecting on this phrase for years,  but as I sat there on my yoga mat thinking about Asia’s question: “what moment in your life have you felt truly free,” I knew that this was it. This was the line that would encapsulate my manifesto.
It comes from a child’s book called “Give Her the River: A Father’s Wish for his Daughter.” I received it after my dad passed away 4 years ago. It was something he had wanted to give me for a while but hadn't. It was beautiful, and as I flipped through the illustrated pages of a father and daughter adventuring through rivers and forests It felt like a perfect description of my relationship with my dad, and how we used to spend our time together. It felt divine and bigger than myself. It came when I needed it most,and when we were situated by one of the biggest rivers in the world- Victoria Falls. “if I could give her anything, anything at all, in all of the world to show how I love her, I’d give her the river” These…

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